Trolls Holiday WEB-DL 720p / WEB-DL x265 720p

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Animation Name: Trolls Holiday – Holiday Trolls

Release year: 2017

Genre: animation, comedy, family

Duration: 72 minutes

Quality: WEB-DL 720p / WEB-DL x265 720p

Synopsis: The Trolls Holiday Troll is scheduled to be released on NBC on November 24, 2017 as a TV show. This animation is special for the Christmas program based on the Trolls animationit was made. The work was directed by Joel Crawford and Dreamworks Animation produced it. All Trolls Holiday animation characters are based on the same core characters. When the Queen of Popes and Trolls decide to drive Trollstice out of Bergen, the city of Bergen does not have any holidays to celebrate. After a lot of Christmas cards arrive from the city of Bergen in the hands of the pope, he thinks of her head and wants to set up a holiday for her. He decides to bring his friend Branch along with Snack to Bergen to take a place there. They return to the city of Bergen and prepare a passionate celebration and …

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