Download Ubuntu v17.04 x86 / x64

Ubuntu , a Debian-based Linux distributions based on Debian is different, but in several cases. Ubuntu name of a South African concept meaning “humanity to others» (Humanity Towards Others) have been taken.
Ubuntu every six months once a new version is released. In addition to any version of Ubuntu, version up to 9 months after its release, support is provided. LTS version as 16.04 (Xenial), rather than support a 9-month, three-year and five-year support for the Special Edition PC Server delivers support for versions.

One of the points of interest in the Ubuntu project, emphasizing access and globalization. Therefore, this software is available for all nationalities. It is very easy to work with and even users unfamiliar with it to easily adapt to its environment.
All versions of Ubuntu are free forever. Free Ubuntu CDs for those who have requested it via e-mail, is sent. The project, called Edubuntu (Edubuntu) that the operating system is also clear, as the name suggests, for use in the classroom and environment training very convenient. Another project, called Kubuntu operating system (Kubuntu) is designed that uses the KDE Desktop. Ubuntu family includes the following:
ubuntu Desktop
Ubuntu Server Edition
Ubuntu GNOME
Ubuntu MID Edition
Foundation, Wikimedia, Wikipedia project grants announced the migration of its servers to Ubuntu distribution. This migration is part of the efforts of the Foundation for easier maintenance projects of the Foundation’s 400 servers from different versions of Redhat and Fedora has already been used.

Ubuntu’s default Unity (Unity) is used. However, the spins with the environment such as GNOME and KDE as another account in the name of Ubuntu GNOME and Kubuntu is also available. The only software necessary embedded in the package, and install the software provided by Ubuntu to the Internet use or copy DVD to get it.

The operating system can be found in the Windows install, but it is recommended, the program VirtualBox or VMware to install the operating system and learn and work with it.

Ubuntu Screenshot 1 Ubuntu Screenshot 2 Ubuntu Screenshot 3 Ubuntu Screenshot 4

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