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The story of Prince of Persia 3: The Two Thrones is the third part of the game Prince of Persia is, is that when the prince of the city is noticed that the city is engulfed in fire. Near the town of Princess ship is attacked and sunk ships and soldiers who had conquered Babylon Kaileena with them. Prince on but he Shtabd Vizier (cause all these problems) that kills Kaileena has promised power to become immortal and sands of time are released again. In the process Dagger of Time (The Dagger of Time) falls into the hands of the prince and the princess suddenly turned into a half Sand Creature that only the sights and sounds, but he changed his mind was place. Prince decides to make things right and bring the city to its pristine state.During the game you play the role of two characters: one normal and the other Dark Prince. Normally, he is just like a number of previous games, but the difference is the Dark Prince. The main difference is that you have a new weapon, the chain is the powerful weapon to destroy the enemy. Another important difference is that when you’re in the Dark Prince, every moment of your life is on the wane, and you should quickly get the masses of sand life, and you again can sometimes troublesome This. Also, you can not go to the Dark Prince will become and it is spontaneous. Only water when you return to its pristine state.
Another feature added to the game is the voice of conscience, Prince, where the game can be heard and will help you. His tips are useful and sometimes his tips are the key to progress in the game you.

Features of the game Prince of Persia 3: The Two Thrones:
– Perform acrobatics Prince
– Using the same weapon
– Ability to surprise enemies from behind
– Escape with chariot racing track
– Solve puzzles that will make you think
– Play as two characters
– Easy game control
– Ancient environmental suit
Manufacturer: Ubisoft
Source: PC Download

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