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Years after the release of the game popular “Prince of Persia, Sands of Time,” second edition, or Prince of Persia 2: warrior within which violence is the greatest factor that comes in it, was published. The game continues the story of the first version of the track and the Princess is still looking for its own adventure, and in this way nothing can prevent the progression of this original Iranian. This part of the story takes place after the events of The Sands of Time and Prince returned to his native land of Babylon. But nothing is as it should be, not moving forward, given the events of The Sands of Time comes many problems for him he wanted Dahaka is the name of the a way for itself, it alternatives sees! He has no choice but to go to the island where the Hourglass of Time made no reason with his troops to the ships, he left the island to go to the past to stop the construction of the Sands of Time.
The Prince will be able to prevent the occurrence of unwanted events in the palace of the Maharaja Dahaka God he would not be seeking to destroy the other, but some are placed near the island of invasion and after treatment at the early demos, you’ll see , and his ship is destroyed and the Princess alone will enter the island. The game begins in the middle of a war with the invading ships and you will begin to play the role of the prince. Sands of Time Prince of the opening sentence of death is not.
Prince have survived from this predicament, and everything is back to normal mode to get rid of Dahaka save and to destroy him and Ibn species alter their fate.Features of the game Prince of Persia 2: warrior within:
– Follow the story of the game Prince of Persia, Sands of Time
– Ability to perform acrobatics
– The stop the time
– Various campaigns with different techniques
– 10 stages with a wonderful environment

Manufacturer: Ubisoft
Source: PC Download

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