The Orville

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Quality: 480p – 720p

Format: MKV

Size: Average of each part 130. 200 MB

Release Date: 2017

Product: America

Rating: 7.6 / 10

Broadcast Channel: US FOX

Synopsis : A series of stories will occur in the next 400 years on the Orville Exploratory. The crew of the space ship, both human beings and aliens, are always confronted with the wonders and the dangers of space. In this case, the problems of their everyday life are depicted and …


720p quality is encoded in x265

Download Part 01:  720p  | 480p

Download Part 02:  720p  | 480p

Download Part 03:  720p  | 480p

Download Part 04:  720p  | 480p

Download Part 05:  720p  | 480p

Download Part 06:  720p  | 480p

Download Part 07:  720p  | 480p

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