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Krpano v1.19-pr14 / Specification

Manufacturer: krpano
Size: 76.4 MB
Date Of Release: 09:58 – 02-12-2017
Score: 2.5 Star(s)

Krpano v1.19-pr14 / Screenshots

Krpano v1.19-pr14

Krpano v1.19-pr14 / Description

The krpano Viewer is a small and very flexible high-performance viewer for all kind of panoramic images and interactive virtual tours. The viewer is available as Flash and HTML5 application. The viewer is designed for the usage inside the Browser on Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and on Mobiles/Tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, …).
In addition to the krpano Viewer there are the krpano Tools – this are small tools and droplets which are helping to automatically prepare the panoramic images for viewing and making them ready-to-use. Making a pano or a tour is possible just by drag-and-drop.
Convince yourself by viewing the examples and / or by downloading the krpano Viewer and krpano Tools for free and try using them with your own panoramic images.

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Krpano v1.19-pr14 / System Requirements

– Google Chrome (Windows, Mac, Linux)
&-& Goolge Chrome Version 20 or higher is needed (Version 20 is the first Chrome version with correct CSS 3D rendering, all older versions had ‘3D-clipping’ issues).
&- The pano display will be only correct when WebGL and/or hardware-accelerated CSS 3D Transforms is available.
&- The overall working, performance and support is very good.
&- Chrome supports Multi-touch-usage also on the desktop.
– Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Mac, Linux)
&- Firefox Version 10 or higher is needed (the first version with CSS 3D support).
&- The pano display will be only correct when WebGL and/or hardware-accelerated CSS 3D Transforms is available.
&-& Multi-touch-usage on the desktop is working the most time, but sometimes Firefox forgets the touch-control and starts sending mouse-events instead (Firefox bug).
&-& The overall working, performance and support in WebGL-mode is very good. In CSS3D mode there can be several different rendering errors (depending on the Firefox version and on the system), so krpano embedding script tries to avoid using Firefox in CSS3D mode.
&-& Note – Firefox doesn’t support mp3/h264 audio/video codecs, so there different file-formats need to be used.
– Microsoft Internet Explorer (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8)
&-& Internet Explorer Version 10 or higher is needed (the first version with correct HTML5, XML and CSS 3D support).
&-& Works the same for the desktop and the ‘Metro/Windows 8’ IE10 version.
&- Windows 8 Tablets are supported too, but non-ARM tablets will be detected as ‘Desktop’ – Microsoft doesn’t allow to detect if the device is a desktop or just a tablet.
&- The overall working and performance is good. There are only some performance-problems when using textfields with shadows-effects. That means for best performance in IE, the usage of shadows should be avoided or limited.
&- The IE10 sometimes shows small graphics/display errors – the edges of elements (like the cube-faces or hotspots) can become visible because of rendering-errors.
&- IE10 supports Multi-touch-usage on mobiles, tablets and also on desktops.
&- New: With IE11 also WebGL and the HTML5 Fullscreen API will be supported.
– Desktop Safari (Windows and Mac)
&- Safari 5.1 or higher is recommended.
&- Works fine with good performance.
&- Only the Window-Safari version has some issues – the mouse-moving can be sometimes blocked/hanging for a a short time (but the mouse-wheel and keyboard controls are working during this time) and the memory-need on can be very high and lead to browser crashes.

Krpano v1.19-pr14 / Installation Guide

1. Copy the downloaded file into your system.
Run the krpano-1.19-pr12-win.exe file as Run as Adminstrator, in which case you can send an Extract message. Extract it.
3. Inside the folder that was extracted, run krpano Tools.exe, which will give you the registration message at the start.
4- Using the information Log in to the Serial.txt file.

Tip :
-Always run the software every time & Run krpano Tools.exe from within the Extract folder.

Krpano v1.19-pr14 / Download

 Download – 76.4 MB

Password Password: 

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