Modeling a Female Hero in ZBrush and Maya

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Modeling a Female Hero in ZBrush and Maya is a modeling  tutorial for a female hero in Zadebros and Maya, which is designed for fans of such designs by Digital Tutors to help them save time by using this tutorial. Increase the quality of their work. In this video training your loved ones with tools, how to use them, as well as techniques that will be familiar. Justin Marshall in the movie Modeling a Female Hero in ZBrush and Maya Basics of launching reference images, shaping adaptive skin, modeling the main body, modeling the gun, modifying the facial structure in the maya, adding the ear, correcting the head and chest structure, changing the hand structure and adding the eyes, completing the face template, Modeling the chest, modeling the shirt base in Maya, etc. You can also use the training project to use this tutorial to accelerate learning these topics .

01. Introduction and Project Overview
02. Setting up reference images
03. Building a ZSphere armature
04. Shaping the adaptive skin
05. Sculpting the main body
06. Breaking apart the legs and feet
07. Sculpting the arms
08. Sculpting the head
09. Modifying the facial topology in Maya
10. Adding the ears
11. Modifying the head and chest topology
12. Changing the hand topology and adding eyes
13. Making the eyelids
14. Finishing the face sculpt
15. Sculpting the chest
16. Modeling the shirt base in Maya
17. Starting the vest base
18. Finishing the vest base
19. Building the pants base
20. Building the base of the boot
21. Adding the pieces to the boot in Maya
22. Sculpting the boot
23. Adding the boot detail to the ZBrush primitives
24. Adding the boot detail to the shadowbox
25. Detailing the boot heel
26. Adding the boot trim in Maya
27. Adding the holster straps
28. Sculpting the pants
29. Building the pants and the small belt
30. Sculpting the shirt
31. Sculpting the vest
32. Building the vest trim and zipper
33. Adding the sleeve and knife bands
34 Building the arm bands with mesh extraction
35. Adding the holster
36. Building the large utliity belt
37. Building the magazine cases
38. Modeling the throwing knives
39. Building the hair base with topology tools
40. Sculpting the hair
41. Sculpting the eyebrows
42. Building the eyelashes
43. Making final adjustments

– Manufacturer: Digital Tutors

– Teacher: Justin Marshall

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