Udemy Learn how to convert PSD to HTML and CSS responsive

Learn all techniques to covert your psd design into HTML and make it animate and responsive with CSS media queries

Are you planning to start your online career? And looking for a good starting point which can serve you all the needs of learning webpage development. Or maybe you are a web developer already and want to enhance your front end skills. OR you want to learn specifically HOW TO CONVERT ANY PSD DESIGN INTO HTML AND CSS AND MAKE IT RESPONSIVE as well.

Either way, PSD to HTML conversion is a MUST-HAVE skill for any aspiring or experienced web developer / designer out there.

This PSD to HTML and CSS conversion course will take you from a full beginner to an Expert level developer who is feeling comfortable converting PSD designs into fully functional and responsive HTML websites. Adding sliders, adding sliding navigation bars and animations.

This course will serve you more than just PSD to HTML. This course will give you the ability to understand how HTML works. I made this course to share my knowledge that I received my online career as a web developer. This course will cover allot of different portions where most of the people stuck and find it very difficult to come across that issue.

In this course, we will be learning how to begin writing the basic structure of HTML by looking at your PSD design, and then designing that HTML code in CSS. I will teach you how to deal with problems and bugs that occur during conversion in HTML. How to fix positions and arrangements of div.

During the development stage, we will learn a lot of things when styling our design: floats, positioning, width, custom columns, fluid design, full-width backgrounds AND MUCH MORE !!!

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